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Datum: 26.01.2019 21:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD
Gegner: 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Liga: Offizieller Scrim
Spielart: Realism
XonX: 10on10
Maps: dod_vallente_rc3
Server: 6th RB Realism Server -
Leader: M/Sgt. M. Bremholm
3te PGD 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Punkte: 23
Warning Warning we are breaking the border of 6th RB all men to positions and be ready for a hard fight 
we are looking on an 10 v 10 The team can be extended to more members if possible. if 16 v 16 one MG will be added 
Members with warning and Anw. cant play. !!!! REMEMBER TO BE ON TS 1 hour before The fight  !!!!!

Rember if AVA on the 6th Rb its riffel not Stg44 and you can stand still in 15 seconds

2 autos 1 sniper 1 rocket and if we go to 16 v 16 there will be addet one Mg

**Salute** Hgf.Real.Deal
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Screenshot 5

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