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Datum: 08.06.2019 22:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD
Gegner: 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Liga: Offizieller Scrim
Spielart: Realism
XonX: 10on10
Maps: dod_catania_rc2
Server: 6th RB Realism Server -
Leader: Unfw.Jakub / F/Sgt. N. Smith
3te PGD 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Punkte: 03

The 6th Ranger Battalion is coming back after a duration without a fight, and they are planning an offensive in the city of Catania, in Sicilia, Italia. They will try to invade us by the side and the beaches, and for that, we must be vigilent, they may be many !"

A group ofminimum of 10 soldierswill be requisitioned but this can be extended if the enemy team are more than we think.
The weapons available in the reserve will be1 automatic, 1 sniper and 1 rocket. Medic is available by saying !medic.

This can also be extended (weapons) if we need back up before they come."


-> Standard rules, all pick ups, no prop boosting, nade priming allowed, blocking with destructable or easily movable objects and blackout on. AVA is rifles, no prone allowed and 15seconds camp time !

Standard rules of realism must be followed.
Anwärter and warned members can't play scrims.
Please, be there in TeamSpeak 2 hours before.

Unfw.Jakub and the diplomats.
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3

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#2 am 08.06.2019 um 23:14 Uhr IP gespeichert
Hello guys,

First of all, I want to thank you to come at this time because it isn't easy for everyone but remember, sometimes we have to adapt to the US teams if we wanna face them.

Anyways, the thing that destroyed our tactic is the opened spawns, which were not planed before but I said yes because the map isn't good to hide, and spawn give more space. But this was a failure on our side, because they worked on that strategy.

We were also 9 after the first replay, and that, during all the game. Nobody was available, no answers. I guess those two points coasted us the defeat.

Don't forget that we will take our revenge, it's part of our mind !

#1 am 12.05.2019 um 08:59 Uhr IP gespeichert
Waiting list.

1. Jakub
2. Paul
3. Havic
4. Jean Paul
5. D.Andere
6. Prien
7. Hoffmann
8. Finn
9. Bob
10. Ganasso (?)


- Karl
- Amon
- Mette

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