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Datum: 25.05.2019 20:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD
Gegner: {FwF} - Fun With Flags
Liga: Offizieller Scrim
Spielart: Realism
XonX: 8on8
Maps: dod_marlky_winter
Server: 3te Pgd - Scrimserver -
Leader: Unfw.Jakub/GenMaj.Karl / {FwF} Sean Archer
3te PGD {FwF} - Fun With Flags
Punkte: 23

"WARNING SOLDIERS ! A bunch of enemies are coming inside of Marlky, a small vilage inside Nothern France. They are here to take some territories from us and we must stop them before all falled appart. Even they will not be so many, we have to keep eyes open otherwise the danger will be fatal."

A group ofminimum of 8 soldierswill be requisitioned but this can be extended if the enemy team are more than we think.
The weapons available in the reserve will be1 automatic and 1 rocket. Medic is available for everyone.

This can also be extended (weapons) if we need back up before they come."


Standard rules of realism must be followed.
Anwärter and warned members can't play scrims.
Please, be there in TeamSpeak 2 hours before.

Unfw.Jakub & the diplomats.
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#4 am 26.05.2019 um 02:43 Uhr IP gespeichert
Thank you all for attending the scrim.

I don't want to find excuses for this defeat, because we did a good job, but sometimes one fighting element can make all the difference.
Like was said before, in this scrim, we had at our disposal very good men and the performance was good not only in the game but also in a disciplinar level.

As you already know we work as a team. Only with the effort of all, together, is possible to make the difference and win the battle.
Despite of the defeat I want to express my satisfaction to Finn ( good job, as always as our medic ), Amon ( joining and help the unit in the last moment ), Jakub ( receiving, talking and organising ), Hoffmann ( great performance with the sniper ), Hell ( good sniper assistence and good performance ), Paul ( good performance with the rocket supporting the attack and defence ), Prien ( joining and helping the unit in the last 2 rounds ), Havic ( good performance with the auto, supporting the defence/attack and diversion manouvers ), Materia ( good performance with rifle, good assistence in attack/defence ), and Raklur ( good performance with rifle, good assistence in attack/defence ).
Once again thank you. It's an honour to fight along side of you all.

#3 am 25.05.2019 um 21:52 Uhr IP gespeichert
Hello guys,

As the co-leader of GenMaj.Karl, I have to admit that we just underestimated the FwF's clan and their players. One thing who wasn't in our favor is the number of players, which the 11th player was missing during 3 rounds.

However, let's focus on the next scrim and don't forget to registrer some days BEFORE to be prepare right in time.

#2 am 25.05.2019 um 16:35 Uhr IP gespeichert

I need blood and sand!

I'll be there Sir!

#1 am 12.05.2019 um 08:59 Uhr IP gespeichert
Waiting list.

1. Jakub
2. Prien
3. Paul
4. Hoffmann
5. Kristof
6. Karl (probably leader)
7. Materia
8. Raklur


- Finn
- Havic

last edited by Jakub at 25.05.2019 19:00h
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