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Datum: 18.04.2021 20:00 Uhr
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD - realism
Gegner: 11th AD - 11th AD
Liga: dods
Spielart: Scrim
XonX: 10on10
Maps: dod_hellshighway_b4
Server: 11th AD Scrimserver -
Leader: Ostfw.Jürgen - 2nd Lt. Cunningham
3te PGD - realism 11th AD - 11th AD
Punkte: 03
Waffen:  1 Sniper, 1 Auto. 1 Rocket, 1 Mg, (1 medic )
  • prop boosting erlaubt
  • Spawn geschlossen
  • Spieleranzahl 10 - 12
  • !medic für Heilung

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#2 am 19.04.2021 um 12:52 Uhr IP gespeichert
Thanks to everyone who participated this scrim.

We lost within 20 mins and I think that can't go on like this.
The scrim training which always start 1 hour before the scrim is there to prepare the scrim (tactics) and not to fix players settings,asking for passwords,  binding keys etc, and in my opinion if people cant/don't want to join the training they aslo should not play the scrim because it costs a lot of time to explain same tactics over and over again. And its disrespectful to the people who spend their time and energy creating tactics and so on.
We all know that the 11th AD is a strong unit but thats no reason to be overrun without any resistance like it happened yesterday.
Thanks to Ostfw.Jürgen for leading the scrim, he did a good job and thanks again to everyone who was there.

Screenshots will be submitted later.

Salute Lt.Mala

zuletzt editiert von Mala am 19.04.2021 13:07 Uhr
#1 am 14.04.2021 um 11:17 Uhr IP gespeichert

We still need more players for this match! Please sign in if you have time!
Oberstlt. Karl will lead this fight and wants to present you one of his ingenious tactics.

zuletzt editiert von Bischhock am 14.04.2021 11:29 Uhr
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