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Rules of the 3te PGD
Rules of the 3te PGD


Public Player Rules


      1. Every public player has to act polite and with a kind behavior when joining our server.

      2. Swearing and inappropriate statements will be punished.

      3. Racist and discriminating statements is not finding any tolerance on our servers.

      4. Politics Themes are better being spoken about in Teamspeak, the best agreement to not
        have them on the servers at all.

      5. Profile Picture have to be adequate and fitting, not harming or provocative neither contain-
        ing any kinds of national socialistic nor communistic nor different politically reference.

      6. The name of a public player is forced to be written in at least up to three digits, not only
        numbers nor signs, with a little bit of common understanding and legibility.

      7. Cheating and hacking are highly forbidden and if caught in any case the solution will
        end in a hard punishment.

      8. While playing on our servers, a public player has to listen to anyAdmin or Leader with out
        no if and buts. If there is any problem or misunderstanding, a public player has the opport-
        unity to search for help and information on our Teamspeak residence or on our Homepage.

      9. When FO/FS intervenes and steps in a puplic player is not allowed to make any sort of
        contradiction at that very moment.

      10. While FG is working or steps in there will be no argumentation or prolonging.

      11. At a public scrim a public player has absolute priority to be chosen for playing before
        a different member of a different unit.

      12. While playing any scrims against other units, public players have not to do nobusiness
        on the field. Therefore, "unit-hopping" is not allowed.

      13. While having a scrim or any kind of training on the scrim server, realism on thepublic server
        is not allowed.

      14. Complaints about the 3te PGD or different players, equal if unit member or public, please be
        written into our forums or into our private Postbox on the homepage.


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