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Date: 18.12.2021 21:00h
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD - PCW
Opponent: 8th ID - 8th Infantry Division
League: DoDs
Type: PCW
XonX: 12on12
Maps: dod_argentan@night_rc3, dod_th
Server: 3te PGD PCW Server -
Leader: Oberst Bischhock - Capt.Lanier
3te PGD - PCW 8th ID - 8th Infantry Division
Points: 11
8th ID Capture the flags Event PLEASE READ THE RULES !!!!!

Public style games, control and defend objectives
  • most cap outs in 25 minutes wins
  • if tied, sudden death overtime (game time set to unlimited, first team to cap out wins the map)
  • if teams agree to a specific number of players (10v10 or 16v16) those numbers will be held and any team unable to fill will play shorthanded
  • will be playoff format, best of 5 or bst of 7 (first to 3 or first to 4)
  • home and away teams
  • home team uses their server and server rules/settings
  • if the teams agree to other mods to be used, must be discussed ahead of time (for example medic class vs medic mod)
  • home team gets to pick which team they will play as each map
  • no switching teams during the map, if home team pcks axis they are axis for the whole map
  • Event will be played on multiple days
  • Whether a team starts as Axis or US is decided by each team providing a player who duel in a Sniper 1v1
  • weapons: 1 Snip, 2 assaults, 3 heavys, 1 Rocket

dod_argentan@night_rc3 0:1

dod_thunder_b3 1:0

Major Mala

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

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#1 at 16.12.2021 on 12:13h IP saved

I don't want to play outnumbered, so please sign up here if you have time on Saturday.

The preparation starts at 8 pm. Be in time on our TeamSpeak and Gameserver.

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