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Clanwar details
Date: 30.07.2023 21:30h
Team: Day of Defeat Source - 3te PGD - realism
Opponent: 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
League: DoD:S
Type: Realism
XonX: 12 on 12
Maps: dod_kalter_b5
Server: [6th RB] Scrimserver -
Leader: Hesketh-Prichard - Pederson
3te PGD - realism 6th RB - 6th Ranger Battalion
Points: 23

Match Rules:
All pick ups
Full barricades
No Rifle nade priming allowed
Full blackout
No floating
Realistic spots
Prop boosting allowed

AVA Rules:
Only Rifle

It is possible to increase the number of players shortly before.


You can find the detailed minimap in the following place in the forum:

Set up by:Oberst Bischhock [3te PGD]&F/Sgt. J. Pederson [6th RB]

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

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#7 at 11.08.2023 on 16:41h IP saved
Summary of the scrim:

After previous postpones, we were able to manage this time so we fiinally played against 6th RB on July, 30th.
The game was more or less equal in my eyes and I would like to thank to all players from our side for their effort and performance.

I would not name a specific player to be rewarded with special medal this time as I have not seen any individual out-performance, on the other hand all players played well and I think, we worked well as a team.

Unfortunately it was not enougt this time as we were unlucky a bit in AvA (because of better strategy of our opponents during that phase roll.gif).
Looking forward for another scrim.

#6 at 10.07.2023 on 01:03h IP saved

And once again:

Please re-enter whether you can play or not. (All statuses have been reset)

The 6th RB has informed us that they will not have enough players for July 15th. Therefore, the scrim will now take place on July 30th.

#5 at 03.07.2023 on 11:01h IP saved

After further consultation with Pederson, the scrim has now been set for July 15th.

Since the scrim was canceled from our side last time, we will now play the match on the 6th RB server.

Please re-enter whether you can play or not. (All statuses have been reset)


Hesketh-Prichard will continue to be the leader for this scrim and will accordingly announce the training dates for this week and the following one in a timely manner via the homepage and TeamSpeak.

#4 at 17.06.2023 on 21:33h IP saved
*Salute* guys,

as having lack of players, I have decided to postpone the scrim again.
The agreement was done with 6th RB leader Pederson who will tak to Bischhock about next possible option.

Sorry to all of you to leave the decision about not playing on the very last moment but I believe in the end that it is better than play outnumbered.
We had 9 players 15 minutes before scrim official start and including some players who have not participated on previous trainings.

Lets wait for Bischhock whether there can be another realistic day for this scrim.
And thanks for your understanding.
#3 at 12.06.2023 on 09:43h IP saved
Remember to answer the poll, scrim is in 5 days and we have only 3 confirmed players.

Thanks guys!
#2 at 24.05.2023 on 12:17h IP saved

The detailed minimap is available from now on!

#1 at 23.05.2023 on 10:00h IP saved

The date have changed! The player Status list have been refreshed. So please sign up again.

Hesketh-Prichard will lead this scrim.

We will have one training each week. (that means 4 trainings in total for the scrim)

Important: dont forget, you need to participate in at least 50% of the trainings to be allowed to play in the scrim. And if you miss more then 15 minutes of a training, it will only be counted as half point.

last edited by Bischhock at 31.05.2023 08:57h
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