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Hello everyone,

Since a long time, I was wondering about making something inside the unit in CSGO, as a lot of our members are playing the game.

What I was thinking, it's to create a FACEIT's hub, which is a legit platform where all the best players (and worst) are playing. But because this is a hub, we can make our rules.

For example, ELO will not be ON on that one. It's gonna be mixed up between the levels of the players to make it fair. And only the 3te PGD's members will be able to join that HUB (and maybe in the future some of our old members (?))

Of course, we will need 10 players at the same time to make it, but I guess we can try, at least, to make it 2/3 times per month. A lot of our inactive players in DOD:S are playing CS:GO (Tim, Jascha, Lazar, etc.). And for those who don't have the game, it's actually free, and to join FACEIT also. So, you know what you have to do on your free time!

Link to join:


Addendum by Jakub:

Nobody wants to be part of that hub? If there is an issue to registrer (or something else), feel free to contact me.

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