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Welcome back Bischhock
Bischhock comes back to the activ duty! He is one of the longest members in the 3te Panzer Grenadier Division (from december 2011 until now). He already led this unit for two periods, but had to step back both times because of family and work reasons.

Reorganised structure of the unit

Frank decided to step back as leader of the unit. He wrotes an announcement in which he expresses himself ( Therefore will Bischhock take the lead of the unit again. Because of the decreasing number of members the leadership decides to remove the Generalstab for an indefinite period.

New Promotion System
Our previous promotion system produce three main problems. The first is that we have to many Hauptstabsgefreite (Hstgf.); as second, some U.A. have troubles with the tactic part of the unteroffizier exam (but meanwhile only officers of the FS/FO lead a scrim); and as third reason, we need people who deal with a small job in the unit, otherwise the unit will collapse soon.

We think that we reduce this problems with our new promotion system (
Side information: You can not be promoted if we can not see your gamehours on your Steamprofile! (Be sure, that your pofile and your gamehours are set on public in your settings)

Karl and Mala will replace Finest and Mette as FG leaders.
The Feldgendarmerie wants to remind to our rules! Many members forgot some of the rules beyond the time (Rules for the unit: For example, to stay in TeamSpeak, if you play on our server. You dont need to talk the whole time with other people, it is enough to stay in the "room of silence".
In the last month we had a couple of discussions about the languages on our server. Dont forget that our main languages are english & german, but we "shut one eye" if people speak one or two small sentences in a other language occasionally (for example: if they dont understand exactly what they have to do in realism). Furthermore everyone can write in other languages on our servers, as long as it is no spam.


Scrim preperation
The rules for the scrims have been clarified to bring them to mind.

If you want to sign in for a scrim you do that on our homepage.
When a player participates in scrim, it is necessary that he takes part in scrim training, which takes place 1 hour before scrim. We will try to offer 2 trainings  before a planned scrim.
Game settings, password requests, binds (!medic) and all other problems are dealt with before the scrim training. If you have questions or need help ask before the scrim, we wont fix that kind of problems during scrim preparation.
The scrim niveau/level must be observed during scrim preparation and during scrim otherwise the FG will issue a official warning.
Scrim maps have to be played more often on the public & realism server before scrim.


We decide to reduce the needed percentage for init from 67% to 50%, but nevertheless we always need 12 people who vote with "yes". We also made some changes in the structure of the realism vote. Therefore we have replaced the "no" and replace it with "5-10min" in the first vote option and with "mapchange" in the second vote option. The admins only have to use this two vote options in their admin menu (you find it in the menu point "realism commands").

Free weapons

We create a new rule to adjust to more realistic situations! It is not allowed anymore to set up more than 6 free weapons as teamleader. If you set up 6 or less free weapons your team have 3 weapons of the same kind as maximum (medic isn´t included).


We create a new rule to motivate people to be a leader in realism. The winning leader will always be rewarded by choosing the next map, as long as it is not killing the server! If the leader wants a vote between some maps, it can only be 2 maps, not more!

We made some changes with our medipacks to increase the importance of our special medic-class. You can only use your own medipack if you have less than 11 HP right now! You only get 10 HP if you take medipacks which are not from the medic-class. But we also increase the amount of health from the sepcial medic-class from 25 to 33 HP.

Last map in the evening
Please take note that dod_donner is not required if the admins leave in night!
Small maps like 3xi_trainmap_realism, dod_crash, dod_marseilles, dod_mayonne are okay as last map of the day, because our server make an automatical mapchange, if it has no activ players.

We are able to offer some events, like the years ago:
-Public Scrim Campaign (
-Frühjahrsmanöver (
-Regiment Scrim Campaign (
-Football event
-Hardcore realism
But we can not execute this events successfully with the current, low activity of our unit members.

The last two months we tested our special mapexperiment ( 
We were feared that the number of players move down during this period, but statistics have shown, that this was not the case. Therefore we have decided to repeat this event furthermore, where we have a forced map selection for 2 weeks and following 1 month with all maps.

Secret surprise
We want to generate some fresh wind on our servers!

Bischhock worked therefore the last weeks on new models for our servers (open the folding pictures below).
He still need to fix some issues with the plugin-file. But they will be usable as soon as possible.


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