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Hesketh-Prichard - 31.08.22 20:00 Uhr 0 Kommentare

All participants in the tournament will be granted an extension of
one week to play their remaining group stage matches.

The following matches have not yet taken place:

Group 1

            CeeBB vs. Buscaruinas
CeeBB vs. Flare
  CeeBB vs. LeCat
               CeeBB vs. Wabbelwillie
         LeCat vs. Theoball

Group 2

                     Bitcoin vs. Hesketh-Prichard
Hoffmann vs. Shankers

There will be at least 1 referee between 8pm and 11pm available every evening!

If you have problems finding a suitable date with your opponent,
you still have to be in the TS as often as possible in the aforementioned time window
and prove that you tried to play your match.

Because when the week is over, anyone who hasn't made an effort to organize their matches gets a minus point for the match in question. If both players are always in the TS and are waiting for their opponent, but always miss each other, the game is rated 0:0 for both. And if you have proven that you have made an effort to ensure that your match takes place but your opponent shies away or was simply never in the TS, the match counts as a 2:0 victory for the player who has always made an effort to have his match take place.

Information about the KO-Phase:

(9th September - 25th September)

The best 4 from each group stage compete in a knockout phase.
If several players have the same number of points in their group, the respective kill/death rate
of the games decides on their placement in the KO phase.

The map will be dod_linux_c4.
(But with an extended spawn area and blocked tunnels.)

(It's not allowed to plant TNT, a plant counts as 2 death)

Victory by Kill/Death-rate.
(the K/D-rates of the 2 rounds of a match will be summed up).

Bischhock - 29.08.22 13:30 Uhr 0 Kommentare
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